Friday, December 19, 2008

'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' Matthew 25:40

I wish that we could hear more good stories about police officers and CSO's - they are out there but they just don't make the headlines for all the good stuff they do.. This week the Divisional Commander asked me to go and see a retired doctor who had been subjected over a lengthy period to some racial harassment and abuse. I discovered that he was Asian in his origin and that he had become a Christian Believer some years ago. His long life had been spent in this country and more recently in Bangladesh, India and China using all his skills to bring healing. None of this made any difference to the local youths who thought it a delight to throw dog faeces from a nearby bin at his windows and the walls of his home where he lives alone. He told me how the local CSO had come to investigate his complaint. He did not just stop at taking the complaint though. He obtained all the necessary cleaning materials and thouroughly cleaned the windows and the walls. This made me reflect... would I have done that? A simple act of human kindness, above and beyond the mere call of duty to help restore and affirm this good man's faith in others and his trust in the police service. Well done that CSO!

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Pastor Steve said...

Chaplain Keith: I find your article quite interesting. The variety of your career path has lead you in servanthood of the Lord and of your communities.

Without sounding self-serving, I am referring you to Stories of the Street: Images of the Human Condition. The book is a collection of stories from my police chaplain encounters of tragedy, crime and abuse. It might give you an insight of what Texas police chaplain programs are about and the environment in which we serve. The book is available on
Blessings to you in your ministry to the first responders and victims you serve.
Chaplain Steve Best